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City moving ahead on crosswalk

The Slaton City Commission held the first reading of an ordinance for a crosswalk on Panhandle Avenue and approved a one-time fireworks permit for a weekend wedding.

The crosswalk will be west of 13th Street at Bible Baptist Church, which requested the crosswalk because it is building a youth center and parking lot across the street. The city will stripe the crosswalk and put up signs and will be able to enforce the traffic after the ordinance is approved on second reading.

Commissioners approved a permit request for fireworks at a wedding at Tin Top Saturday night. The fireworks are not aerial and will be set off between 7:50-7:55 p.m. and 9:50-9:55 p.m. The fireworks are low grade ground effects and will be set off before the 11 p.m. noise ordinance.

Slaton Police Chief Trevor Barnes told commissioners that he would be present at the wedding working security, and City Administrator Mike Lamberson said that the area is mowed and green.

See more from the city commission meeting in the June 14 edition of The Slatonite.

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