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City okays SEDCO transition

The Slaton City Commission Monday approved the Slaton Economic Development Corporation’s plan to transition to a Type B EDC.

SEDCO Executive Director Barbara Hopper told the council that after consultation with attorneys and the Texas Comptroller’s office, the corporation would be better suited as a Type B, which would allow them to attract quality of life businesses, such as retail establishments.

“I’ve worked with B before and Type B works better for small communities,” said City Administrator Mike Lamberson.

Hopper said the change to a Type B would simplify the process for the corporation, while maintaining both types would force the commission to appoint a second board with two sets of books and two audits.

“Basically, we would need two of everything,” Hopper said.

She told commissioners that the change would not result in increased taxes and would be funded by the same half-cent sales tax as the Type A.

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