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Proposed state funding formula would cut small school budgets

A proposed change in the formula to fund public schools in Texas would have a detrimental impact on small and mid-size school, according to officials, one that could result in the shuttering of small districts across the state.

The new bill, which has been recommended by  Scott Brister, chairman of the Texas Commission on Public School Finance, would increase the basic allotment for schools as a stand alone, but would no longer multiply the weighted average daily attendance based on the particular needs of gifted and talented, special education or vocational education. It would only impact the regular average daily attendance.

Slaton ISD Supt. Julee Becker said the change, if passed into law, would cut funding for small and public schools.

“It has been proven that it costs more to educate students in a small district, whether small by choice or necessity,” she said.

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