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New rules set up for Library computer use

There have been new computer rules set up by the City Administration through March.

From now until March, the City and Library will be teaming with the 2020 Census Bureau, and those who want to apply for census jobs can apply there online.

Beginning Jan. 31, people will have received their paperwork for the 2019 tax returns and will start filling out IRS forms.

March 12, the census begins and all can fill out their paperwork online, which means the computers will be busy during the months of the count.

During this time, the Library is asking folks to adhere to the new computer rules issued by the City.

They will be limiting computer use to one hour a day.

If there are people waiting and someone has been on the computer for a minimum of 30 minutes, they will be asked to allow another person to use the computer.

The Library and City are asking everyone to be courteous during these times.

They understand that some item such as tax returns, the census and job applications will take a decent amount of time to complete and appreciate everyone’s patience.

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