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SISD Trustees discuss teacher incentive pay

By Joshua Bray

Slatonite Intern

The Slaton Independent School District Board of Trustees met Tuesday (Jan. 14) to decide on several issues regarding early voting and to discuss Teacher Incentive Allotment.

The board discussed Teacher Incentive Allotment and agreed to send in a letter of intent to the state.

The board can later choose to not go through with the Teacher Incentive Allotment if there are stipulations they deem unsuitable for SISD, but have sent in a letter of intent now and will make a decision later.

“(Teacher Incentive Allotment) provides funding for teachers who are performing at the highest levels. It is very exciting to us,” Assistant Superintendent Jim Andrus explained. “It is optional and doesn’t cost the district any money. The money comes from (the) state.”

For more information, please read the Thursday edition of The Slatonite.

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