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Peoples honored for 50 years of service as pastor

By Melissa McCaghren

Slatonite GM

Pastor Clifton C. Peoples was honored Monday evening (Feb. 7) with a proclamation from the City Council for 50 years of service as pastor.

Peoples is the pastor of Mount Olive Baptist Church, located 887 Flint St. He was called in April 1970.

Commissioner Ward IV Charlie C. Haynes Jr. read the proclamation for the pastor. Haynes was baptized by Peoples when he was younger.

“Peoples has helped and nurtured and licensed managers and ministers who are now pastors in numerous churches in the State of Texas and beyond,” said Haynes reading from the proclamation. The state, and City Council and Mayor do recognize the important contributions and leadership by example.”

Peoples was humbled by the honor and thanked everyone for how he has reached the milestone. “We have been blessed in the City of Slaton,” he said, adding he’s met many pastors in the past 50 years. “God has been good to us, brought us thanks and praise, and we’re so thankful for you.”

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