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Centers going extra mile to protect elderly residents

By Melissa McCaghren

Slatonite GM

Coronavirus has hit the area hard, and steps have been taken to protect everyone from the virus.

Among those greatly impacted are residents in care facilities, which are closed to visitors all over the nation.

That said, workers at Library of Legacies and the Slaton Care Center are doing their part to ensure that their residents get the care and comfort they need during this time.

Michelle Craig, owner of Library of Legacies, said the closures have been “heartbreaking” for residents.
“Our residents have lost some of their favorite things. For example, the ability to sit outside and enjoy the weather, have dinner together, and spend time with their loving families. They have always looked forward to meals and desserts, social events, exercise, visiting with caregivers and family visits, and just like that, all of it was taken away,” she said.

Lelia Jones, Director Of Social Director of Social Media with Creative Solutions in Healthcare, said the Care Center has been working to help entertain its residents. “We can’t currently hold group activities (but) we have been doing lots of things in the resident’s rooms,” she said.

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