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Roosevelt class celebrates success on golf range

By Melissa McCaghren

Slatonite GM

4ORE! Golf in Lubbock was full of eagles Friday morning (May 29).

They weren’t the avian kind, with golfers worried about accidentally hitting them, but the 66 graduates of the Roosevelt High School Class of 2020 for their commencements.

The ceremony was moved from its original location to the golf range so the graduates and their families could celebrate and still honor social distancing rules.

Graduates’ families lined both floors of the greens to wave to their students as they proceeded to their seats.

Valedictorian Ashleigh Hoffman thanked everyone for attending, whether in person or via computer courtesy of live-streaming.

She then welcomed her fellow classmates to their commencements. “I know this has been a long-awaited moment and I am so glad to see everybody here today – even though our chairs are legally required to be sitting six feet apart,” she said.  “Graduation is a time to reflect on our past and look all the way into the future … one last time before we go into the world.”

Hoffman thanked the teachers, staff, and others who have helped her and her classmates during their 12 years of education.

“We are incredibly blessed to have had people like you support us and we truly could not have made it here without you. Class of 2020, going into the future, leaving here, it is important that we remember to always be bold, courageous and most importantly, be our best,” she said. “With these qualities, we gain the mindset that the world is ours to make and we are the masters of our own futures. Each and every one of us are sent to do amazing things. We all have breathtaking … and I have complete faith that we will choose the right choice.”

For more information, including more photos of the event, please read the Thursday edition of The Slatonite.

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