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Pool staying cool during COVID

By Elizabeth Herbert

Slatonite Intern

Summer is in full swing, and the Slaton City Pool is one place people may visit for a break or breath of fresh air.

The City Pool reopened May 23, about when Pool Manager C.R. Kennedy said it would have opened regardless of COVID-19.

“During a traditional school year, the pool always opens the first Saturday after the last day of school,” Kennedy said. “We know this was a very non-traditional school year, yet we felt it was important to stay with the same date.”

While open and operating, Kennedy said staff members are aware of the severity of COVID-19 and have implemented strategies to better protect community members from potential COVID-related issues.

“We are here to support our kids and community,” she said. “Yes, some things have had to be implemented, but we do not look at that in a negative way. We’ve put different measures in this year, but it’s still a great place for kids.”

Extra measures include hand and surface sanitization, monitoring chlorine levels and enforcing in and out-of-water expectations when necessary.

“We are very pleased with the positive response from our patrons,” she said.

For more information, please read the Thursday edition of The Slatonite.

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