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SEDCO clarifies performance agreements

The Slaton Economic Development Corporation corrected wording on a performance agreement for West Texas Fireplaces, Quality DEF Solutions and humble Grounds  Thursday afternoon (July 16) during its monthly meeting at the SEDCO office.

The board also approved amending wording in regard to the Operation Together COVID-19 Grant applications.

Executive Director Barbara Hopper said originally the board had voted on the grants applications, however when the forms were received they had a change. “Within the promotional agreement, all it says is ‘business is a local business’,” she said. “When Bryan (Guymon) did the application from this … he said ‘business is locally owned.’ Well, we’ve got four or five that are not locally owned but thery’re here.

She added that the wording has been taken out and that it was likely in a template, which cused the error. “I thought, ‘well, maybe we’ve got it in here somewhere, but it’s not in the agreement anywhere.”

The applications still disqualify franchised businesses from receiving a grant.

For more information, please read the Thursday edition of The Slatonite.

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