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Local adding gym, small business to Slaton

By Elizabeth Herbert

Slatonite Intern

Cheryl Linder-Murra is looking to add two new businesses to Slaton: a gym and a shop with local items.

“Aunt Cheryl’s Great Deals, Rhonda’s Rocks, Deanna’s Jewelry & Other Great Stuff Too” is one such business and consists of both store-bought and crafted items for sale within Klemke’s BBQ Joint located at 1400 S. 9th St.

The shop opened July 30, and its hours will coincide with the restaurant’s hours. Linder-Murra said people can purchase items from Klemke’s owner, Rod Klemke, if she is not available.

“I will have myself or somebody will be there to staff it during what I’m gonna call, ‘peak times,’ you know, but people can buy stuff all the time – Rod will be able to write tickets,” she said.

Linder-Murra said most items will be discounted to half their original, rounded price.

For example, children’s shoes that cost $13.88 will be rounded to $14; the final price will then be half the rounded price to total $7.

In exchange for shop space, Rod Klemke himself will earn 15 percent of the profits and the vendor who sold the item will receive the rest of the profit.

For more information, please read the Thursday edition of The Slatonite.

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