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Francis takes leadership at CTE, prepares for COVID changes

By Melissa McCaghren

Slatonite GM

Margaret Francis was named the new Principal near the end of the 2020 school year. Monday (Aug. 10) she met with her teachers for the first time together to start planning for the school year, which has been affected by COVID regulations.

She said she had started planning for the year at the end of the 2020 year along with other administrators. “My first few weeks in April started with Google Meets meetings between, Mrs. Suzanne McCall (Assistant Principal), myself and  every staff member individually.  I have to tell you that seems like such a long time ago,” said Francis.

That hard work however she hopes will pay off when school starts.

“It is my responsibility to make sure that teachers have the resources they need, and skills to effectively teach.  We were able to hear teachers’ wants, needs, concern for their classrooms and the desire they have to teach their students face to face,” she said.

The teachers however? – Francis said they are the best of the best.

“Cathelene Thomas Elementary has an incredible group of educators that love our students and this community,” she said.

For more information, please read the Thursday edition of The Slatonite.

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