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Open House helps students get ready for changes in education

Students and their parents attended open house Wednesday and Thursday (Aug. 12 and 13) to meet their teachers and find their classrooms.

That said, it looked a bit different than the traditional event.

Teachers were at the door as folks entered, taking temperatures to ensure no one had a fever, all faculty had masks or face shields on and the normal crowds weren’t there.

High School and Junior High had virtual open houses this year.

All part of COVID precautions the schools will have to go through this year to ensure safety for everyone who is there daily.

Slaton ISD students returned to school Wednesday morning (Aug. 19) for their first day of education.

Stephen F. Austin Primary and Cathelene Thomas Elementary attend school every day in person while the Junior High and High School are doing a staggered week, alternating in person and online learning Monday through Thursday then an intervention day on Friday.

Those who are doing strictly online learning in Junior High and High School are currently ineligible to play athletics or other UIL events.

Wilson ISD will start their school  Aug. 24, while Southland started Aug. 13 and Roosevelt today (Aug. 20). A story will be in next week’s edition.

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