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District changes football schedule

By Melissa McCaghren

Slatonite GM

The Slaton Tiger football team has faced challenges and changes after a COVID outbreak forced the high school to go virtual, with no games for two weeks.

Now instead of having a bye week after playing Post Friday (Sept. 25), the team will start District next week.

The reason? – The District has decided to alter the schedule so all teams have a bye week the last week of the season instead.

Head Coach Lawrence Johnson said this was done to be fair to all the teams.

“We all felt it was in the best interest of our District to move up due to several teams already having to cancel games due to COVID,” he said.

Another reason to having the bye week at the end of the season is to also allow teams to earn a District title playing the whole season and not because others forfeited due to COVID.

All games would still need to be completed before District certification, which is when seeding is determined.

For more information, please read the Thursday edition of The Slatonite.

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