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City to continue listing COVID cases

The City of Slaton will continue to publish the COVID-19 counts as they receive them.

Mayor Lynn Nowlin said they will still be on the City of Slaton’s website,

Concerns had been addressed by the community as to why the counts were not updated daily on the City’s site.

“Trevor (Barnes) receives the reports sporadically and will call for updates weekly if he does not hear from the County first, which he usually does not,” said Nowlin.

There also have been inquiries to the City in regard to counts possibly being inaccurate, especially in regard to COVID deaths.

Nowlin said they have not received any notice of more COVID related deaths since the first one. “It is my understanding that we will not be given that information – only deaths will be reported as County wide. Anyone can call the county health department and get the numbers daily,” said Nowlin, adding they only give how many live in the City limits of Slaton.

Additionally, Nowlin the total number may be different from the community esitmates, such as positives reported in the schools. One outbreak within two groups at the High School forced the school to go to virtual learning for two weeks.

“I also emphasize that the city’s numbers and the school numbers will not coincide because not all students and teachers at Slaton ISD live in the city limits of Slaton,” said Nowlin.

The Slatonite will continue to post up the weekly counts for City and County.

For more information, please read the Thursday edition of The Slatonite.

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