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62 COVID cases confirmed at Slaton Care Center

From Staff Reports

The City of Lubbock Health Department confirmed that the Slaton Care Center has 62 cases in the center.

Of the total, 50 cases are residents and 12 are staff.

The Center will currently be closed to visitors during this time.

Library of Legacies has not reported any cases of COVID to the Department.

Slaton Care Center is the second in Lubbock County that has had an outbreak of COVID cases in recent weeks.

LHD received reported cases of COVID positive patients and caregivers at Slaton Care Center. last Tuesday.

Also, the Senior Citizens Center had a possible exposure to COVID Wednesday (Oct. 21). The person is quarantined for symptoms to clear as well as anyone who was in contact with them. The Center is also sanitized with EPA approved sanitizer daily.

COVID counts reported as of press time Oct. 27 show Slaton to have 405 total cases, with 64 active and 299 recovered. There have been four deaths reported to the City.

County wide, there have been a total of 18,015 total cases, with 2,752 active and 15,075 recovered. There have been a total of 188 deaths in the County.

For more information, please read the Thursday edition of The Slatonite.

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