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Raider Aviation to offer charter flights in area

By Melissa McCaghren
Slatonite GM

Those not wanting to deal with all the rushing, lines and check-in requirements of airports have an opportunity now to take a charter plane straight out of Slaton.

Raider Aviation started  the last week in October offering people the opportunity to take charter flights out of their hangar to anywhere within a 500-mile radius.

They are the only FFA certified operating charter in Lubbock at this time.

Sonny Borba said the idea came out of a means to expand the business, which started out as a flight school.

“We’ve been just trying to come up with whatever ideas we can to expand the business and grow the flight school and move into other areas for different revenue streams and income,” he said. “So we had the thought about, I guess a little over a year ago, that maybe we want to move into a charter certification.”

For more information, please read the Thursday edition of The Slatonite.

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