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Animal call leaves 1 hurt, 1 arrested

The Slaton Police Department and Animal Control worked the scene of an animal call that left one person injured and another arrested.

Jason Jerieal Castillo, 25, was arrested on two charges of allowing an animal to run at large and two charges of failure to show proof of vaccination.

Sgt. Steve Dekraker said Animal Control Officer Wayne Cogburn responded to reports of dogs at large calls in the area of the 300 block of E. Crosby St.  Callers were saying the dogs were aggressive and growling.

Cogburn arrived and was standing in the alley to capture the dogs when the larger of the two dogs started to growl at him. Shortly after, the smaller dog bit the officer in the calf.

Additional officers were called to the scene, shortly arriving. As they were talking to residents, Cogburn again was accosted by the dogs, with the smaller one biting him in the calf a second time.

After unsuccessfully containing them, the larger dog continued to lunge at an officer several times, but was thwarted at first.

The dog however was then able to take away the catch poll used to keep it away, and ran toward the officer again to bite him. The officer in response had to shoot the dog for his safety. It eventually died from its injuries.

The second dog was eventually caught and taken to 10 day quarantine for rabies.

Castillo returned home, where he was given citations in regard to the dogs. When he refused to sign them, he was arrested.

Cogburn was taking to UMC Clinic for immediate treatment as well as tetanus shots.

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