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City swears in Taliaferro, discusses dog situation

By Melissa McCaghren

Slatonite GM

The City of Slaton Council is once again is full, as Jim Taliaferro was sworn as Commissioner, Ward II in Monday evening (Nov. 16) during the council’s monthly meeting.

City Secretary Pam King canvassed the Nov. 3 votes, where Taliaferro defeated Doyce Field 327 votes to 144, and then swore in Taliaferro.

The Council heard a presentation by Cory Roof on the treatment and care of dogs in the City limits.

Roof said that he wanted to see what could be done about a dog that was tethered on 10th St.

He said he talked with the judge and Animal Control officer Wayne Cogburn about the issue, mentioning HB 1411, passed in 2007, that improved conditions for animals, such as temperature extremes, and chaining rules.

That said, there was a loophole he wanted to get fixed, and it regarded chained animals being seen as service animals, where they provide security for a home. “The laws that the state provides don’t apply to those animals,” he said. “So what I’m requesting is that we plug that loophole here in Slaton saying that all dogs in Slaton are considered equal under Texas House Bill 1411, making no distinction between service animals and security pets.”

Cheif of Police Trevor Barnes said he, along with Cogburn, had done some research digging through the laws, and couldn’t find anything in the law – Texas or Slaton, regarding security or guard dog.

He that while he agreed with Roof’s assessment about tethering a dog, he had been working on the situation on 10th St. and it has far changed from what people have reported.

“We’ve been in the courtroom with him. According to the state law and City’s ordinance – and this is not a popular opinion and I’m sorry to tell everybody this, he is completely in compliance with state law and Cty ordinance,” he said, adding he agreed that dogs shouldn’t be tethered. “That’s my moral, personal opinion. My moral, personal opinion does not matter, the law matters.”

For more information, please read the Thursday edition of The Slatonite.

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