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Lamberson announces retirement from City

City Administrator Mike Lamberson announced his retirement from the City of Slaton.

He made his announcement during the City Administrator’s report Monday evening (Feb. 8) during the Slaton City Commissioners regular monthly meeting.

His retirement date will be in April.

Lamberson said he has had a few health issues and while he’s been working through them the past year and a half, has decided to move on in life.

He added he had been considering retirement for some time now, but due to issues such as COVID-19 hitting the City and the loss of Commissioners Charlie D. Haynes and Weldon “Squeaky” Self lead to delays in his announcement.

“The good Lord has blessed me with all things and now it’s time for a new adventure the Lord has opened for me. I have been working in city and county government going on 30 years and it’s time for vacation and not getting up on Monday mornings,” he said in his announcement to the City.

For more information, please read the Thursday edition of The Slatonite.

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