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Water, energy to adapt bills to help customers

From Staff Reports

Recent reports in the media post Winter Storm Uri, as it has been named, have left people concerned.

Not only have people faced flooded areas due to burst pipes and other damage, there’s another fear.

The fear of their electricity and water bills being in the thousands or more as in some areas of the State.

That said, Xcel and Atmos, the two largest providers of energy for Slaton, and the City itself, report that help is on the way.

The City of Slaton is working to help its customers with their water bills, some of which surged due to broken pipes throughout town.

People effected by frozen and busted pipes will see a spike in the water usage from leaks and at the City we will work with those residents to make the necessary adjustment for the high consumption,” said City Administrator Mike Lamberson.

“It’s all done on individual basis. They will bring in the bill showing the leak has been fixed then we usually adjust to the average bill.”

The adjustments will start on any billing after Feb. 20 and continue through March.

Lamberson added that late fees, reconnect fees and cut off of services will be waived through the end of March – as long as the accounts are current. “If the account is already off or delinquent then other arrangements will be looked at on a per resident basis,” he said.

“The City will always work hand in hand with its resident on any issue that arises.”

Cost of water per month includes the first 2,000 in the base water fee, then $4.24 per 1,000 gallons between 3,000-15,000, then $5.25 for 16,000 and above.

For more information, please read the Thursday edition of The Slatonite.

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