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Magazine group tours Slaton for edition

By Melissa McCaghren

Slatonite GM

Slaton had several visitors last Wednesday (March 31) touring the town for an upcoming edition of Authentic Texas.

They were honored with a reception at the Slaton Harvey House later that evening.

Those attending from the magazine were Margaret Hoogstra, CEO Authentic Texas; Jeff Salmon, President of Authentic Texas; Ryanne Krueger, Authentic Texas Photographer; Tammie Virden, Executive Director Texas Forts Trail; and Allison Kendrick, Executive Director Texas Plains Trail.

Authetic Texas is owned by eight non-profits, one of them the Texas Plains Trail Region.

“The purpose of Authentic Texas is to help obviously talk about the authentic people, palces and things,” said Hoogstra. They spent the day intervieweing people about the Slaton Bakery, Texas Air Museum, Model Railroad Studio and the Harvey House.

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