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Camps return after COVID

By Melissa McCaghren

Slatonite GM

The summer silence caused by camps canceled by COVID-19 last year are no more.

Several sports camps, hosted by coaches at Slaton ISD, are among the many that are being offered around the area for summer.

Football and boys basketball had its camp last week, and the girl’s camp finished up basketball Wednesday (June 23).

The remaining camps being offered are baseball and softball, as well as sports specific workouts offered for the high school.

Athletic Director Coach Lawrence Johnson, who hosted the football camp, said the coaches were excited to host sports specific camps. “We are excited to teach fundamentals for each specific sport but the emphasis is on having fun with our kids. They have to fall in love with the sport by learning the process of fundamentals,” he said. “We are focusing on introducing our young kids the basics for sports they may want to participate in once they get into Junior High and High School.

Even though COVID rules have relaxed some in the state, it doesn’t mean that the camps are being lax in the participants’ safety.

“Our campers sign a liability waiver when they register for each camp. We ensure their safety by having multiple coaches involved in the camps to teach proper technique and correction,” he said. “Water breaks are a must when we are outside as well as staying cool! We set up tents for our kids to take a break under while hydrating continuously throughout the camp. Our community members Melody McDanniel, Denise Rudd and the Food Bank have sponsored our camps with gatorades and water for our campers to stay hydrated. Constant monitoring of kids, especially our younger ones to make sure they are having fun but also learning through each drill or activity.”

For more information, please read the Thursday edition of The Slatonite.

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