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Trustees discuss ESSER funds, flexible school day

Slatonite Intern

The Slaton Independent School District School Board met Thursday night for their monthly meeting. Several things were discussed during the meeting, including the Option of Flexible School Day Program and the Esser two and Esser three funds.

Jim Andrus, Slaton Independent School District Superintendent, gave an expenditure report, highlighting the three largest charges. Andrus said the new football stadium lights cost about $80,000, about $24,000 was spent in paper supplies and $10,000 was spent on a brass cleaning machine for the band.

Additionally, Andrus invited the School Board to the Allsup’s grand opening, Allsup’s presented Slaton ISD with a check at the ribbon cutting. (See story right)

The State has removed the TSI component for fifth and eighth grade reading and math tests, Andrus said. Previously, if a student failed the test there would be a committee meeting to determine if they could proceed to the next grade. Because of this, the students were given two tries at the test, now they will only take it once.

For more information, please read the Thursday edition of The Slatonite.

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