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Bentancourt named to TASB Region 17 Board of Directors

Carlos Bentancourt was appointed to represent Region 17 as a member of the Texas Association of School Board’s Board of Directors.

His selection was announced Saturday (Sept. 11).

“I feel truly blessed, honored and excited to be the TASB Board Representative for Region 17. One has to have a love for being a voice for our children and our District; for me, my voice just got louder,” said Bentancourt about the honor.

He went through a stringent interview process in Austin before being named.

“In order to even be considered a nominee to the Board of Directors for TASB, one has to be a current board member in his/her School District, which I am. Our Board of Trustees had to be the local nominating body in order for me to move up to the next level, which the Board nominated me at our May 2021 meeting,” he said. “After being nominated by the Board of Trustees, the paperwork begins; I had to submit a TASB Board Candidate Biographical Sketch, which is basically an application and/or resume.

“I, then, had to submit a TASB Board Candidate Questionnaire, which consisted of 10 essay-type questions. After submitting these documents, I waited as TASB receives other nominees from Region 17,” he added, then said he interviewed Saturday in Austin at the TASB Facility.

For more information, please read the Thursday edition of The Slatonite.

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