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Stolen bell makes return to City 50+ years later

A historic bell was returned more than 50 years later Thursday (Oct. 21) at Tiger Field.

Slaton High School Senior Trent Wright presented the bell to Mayor Clif Shaw.

The bell was removed from the 1809 Steam Engine, located on the town square, more than 50 years ago as a high school prank. In the early 1970s, it ended up as the victory bell for the high school football games.

In 2014, the bell was broken during a touchdown celebration at home. It was then replaced with a new bell in 2019.

Wright’s father, Robie, volunteered along with Slaton FFA teacher Adam Westbrook to install the new bell and saved the broken one.

When Sherrell Wilson of the Slaton Bakery shared a story of the 50-year-old prank, the dots were connected and the Wright family identified the bell  as the old 1809 one. It will now be displayed at the Slaton Museum.

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