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Trustees listen to school issues

By Nolan Alexander

Slatonite intern

The Slaton Independent School District Board of Trustees met to discuss matters going on in the school and the town of Slaton Thursday (Nov. 11).

Among items included the purchase of five new school buses and football stands.

Superintendent Jim Andrus said the stands would be put on the north end and would be for the band. This way, the band can play all down the field and can be heard at concessions.

The meeting opened with highlights of students and teachers from each campus. Fellow classmates and facility members at the school chose the winners. They submit forms every month and vote on who does the best job. Students receive a gift card to the bakery for free cookies and the staff members are rewarded a whole cake they can take home with them.

After the highlights the meeting shifted into honoring the Cathelene Thomas Elementary’s cool staff and awesome kids that come to school everyday. They brought up members of the school to talk about all the changes they made. They talked about how they rewrapped the doors of the school to give it an updated vibe. The school has one member who decorates the school hallways in whatever theme they have going on. The teachers explained their academic success throughout the year and how each individual student makes their own goals for their own success.

For more information, please read the Thursday edition of The Slatonite.

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