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Council hears presentation on grants, items

By Melissa McCaghren

Slatonite GM

The City of Slaton Commissioners approved a resolution authorizing a submission of a Community Development Block Grant Cares Act Application to help the Slaton Senior Citizens Center Monday evening (Jan. 10) during its monthly meeting.

Jake McAdams with public management said this was the final action to allow them to submit the application, which requires no matching grant from the City and can be applied for up to $5 million.

He added after talking with the staff, the architect and what the City needs they would submit a plan for a 6,500 square foot building on the same property as the current building exists.

Once it was completed, the City would demolish the current building through an inkind donation to help with the budgeting.

McAdams said they were applying for the full amount, and intend to build out and adjust from there, such as possibly expanding should the pricing be low.

Mayor Clif Shaw asked if the grant was approved, once they bid if it was low, could they possibly increase the size.

McAdams said they are open to that, but currently are estimating based on inflation. “Every feedback we get from our contractors, materials, suppliers and subcontractors is that prices will continue to escalate through probably September/October, which is about the time we would want to bid this,” he said. “So we’ve estimated high, hoping to cover the minimum 6,500 square feet right at $500 a square foot.”

They should know early March if the grant is received.

For more information, please read the Thursday edition of the Slatonite.

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