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Slaton celebrates Class of ’22 graduation

By Melissa McCaghren

Slatonite GM

It was a time of celebration, tears and historical moments for the 2022 graduating class of Slaton High School Thursday evening (May 26) during the school’s annual commencement ceremony.

The Valedictorian this year was Madi-Lynne Englund and the Salutatorian was Zadie Rios.

Englund thanked the audience for coming, and said she had a bit of a challenge in creating her speech.

“Now, to be honest, when I was named valedictorian I was over the moon at finally accomplishing my high school dream, and that feeling lasted a couple of minutes,” she said, adding she then talked to family and friends.

Through careful thinking about how she was going to present a powerful and inspirational speech, which she presented to her classmates Thursday (May 26).

“I could go back and reminisce about the past four years…instead I am going to focus on what lies ahead of us,” said Englund. “As the great American philosopher George Strait said once, ‘where the sidewalk ends and the road begin, I said good-bye and I am not afraid to go. Some people leave and never come back, some stay in touch and some never go back.’

“Class of 2022, this is where our work begins. Many have said this marks the beginning of our journey, however I disagree. Our journey has already begun and today’s path splits into 92 different paths,” said Englund, adding some of the graduates will go on to college, trade schools, right into the workforce or military. “Whatever path you have picked to go down, do not be afraid to go out and discover your true source.”

For more information, please read the Thursday edition of The Slatonite.

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