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City pool seeing large numbers in hot summer weather

By Melissa McCaghren

Slatonite GM

Splashes, laughter and volleyball filled the air of the Slaton City Pool Thursday afternoon (July 14).

Chris Kennedy, pool manager, said they have seen a large  turn out this season. “Our pool staff has been thrilled at the daily attendance this summer at our local pool. We have seen increased numbers, increased parent involvement and pleased with surrounding community attendance,” she said.

The staff also worked earlier this year to make the pool even more enticing to go to.

This included power washing of the pool floor, done by lifeguard and swimming instructor Mary Jo Parker, painting the pool and other items. “We want to say thank you to a host of community members giving us a much needed facelift to our City pool. They are committed Slatonites,” she said. “A new fence, added improvements to our filter system, new ladders, improved lifeguard stands, umbrellas for shade and other general improvements were performed by a community team who believes a city pool is important to the fabric of our community.  Thank you to all of you who played a part in this new and improved community pool.”

For more information, please read the Thursday edition of The Slatonite.

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