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Seniors tour US virtually in road rally event

By Nalani Nuylan

Slatonite Intern  

The Slaton Senior Center held “Senior Road Rally” last Wednesday (March 22).

Seven stations were set up around the center, each one correlating to a city in the U.S.

Palestine, Texas station had a 66-year-old train model. The Charlotte, N.C. station had a miniature car racetrack.

At the Indianapolis, Ind. station, seniors had to find the fictional people’s pill bottles and match them to the right person.

At the St. Louis station, seniors had to put together a jigsaw puzzle because the city has the largest jigsaw puzzle warehouse in the world.

At the Hollywood station, seniors had to get the “autographs” of old Hollywood celebrities like Bing Cosby and Marilyn Monroe. They found these celebrities via name tags the other senior participants were wearing on their clothes. Massachusetts station has the seniors solve roman numeral math problems at MIT.

After the senior participants completed the stations, the seniors made their last stop at Brenham to have Blue Bell ice cream.

For more information, please read the Thursday edition of The Slatonite.

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