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City hears 2022 fiscal audit report, amends resolution

By Melissa McCaghren

Slatonite GM

The City of Slaton Commissioners heard an audit for fiscal year ending in 2022, as well as approved project incentives, Monday evening (May 8) during its monthly meeting.

David Copeland gave the audit presentation. He said the City was “taking baby steps in the right direction,” and the City did a fine job on finding ways to identify issues.

Copeland said the total increase in net position was $268,268. Revenues were $6,897,198 and expenses were $6,628,930.

He said while the City was taking the correct steps to fix issues, they still needed to work on issues to continue and improve.

The board also approved action on a resolution amending and replacing a prior one. The areas involved were Section 15 regarding building permit and inspection fees, Section 16 over plumbing fees, Section 18 and zoning fees, and Section 22 regarding the effective date.

City Manager Wade Willson said they are currently using a fire inspector to do the meters while Waylon Field is being trained on how to do the inspection.

He added however that while the inspector was on contract they were losing $25 per inspection, so the increase would cover the amount the inspector charges the City. Willson said they would still lose some money due to training Field, but it was the cost of training.

Also increased was the utility deposit from $50 to $75 due to the cost of tapping.

For more information, including other items discussed by the board, please read the Thursday edition of The Slatonite.

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