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Election tied for Ward I Commissioner

From Staff 


The Ward I Commissioner seat after the election ended in a tie Saturday (May 6) on Election Night.

In unofficial results both incumbent Tony Newton and challenger Mike DeLano received 50 percent of the vote with 10 votes each.

A total of 38 voters from Ward I voted in the Election – 25 of them in early  voting and 13 on Election Day.

In early voting, Newton won 52 percent of the vote with 13 votes to DeLano’s 12 votes for 48 percent.

On Election Day, DeLano had more votes, with seven for 53.85 percent and Newton six for 46.15 percent.

The election was the only one Slaton had in May.

The Commissioner Ward III seat, held by Benny Lopez, Mayor seat, held by Cliff Shaw, Trustee District 4 held by Carlos Bentancourt and Trustee District held by 3 Irma Jaramillo did not draw opponents, so the elections were cancelled.

The election will be canvassed in a City Commissioner special meeting May 16.

A recount of the ballots will be done May 18.

Between now and May 18, the candidates have the option to withdraw from the election, both can choose to break the tie in another means without going to a runoff, or decide to conduct the runoff election.

Should a runoff be chosen, it would be set at another board meeting.

All information regarding the election results is as of press time Tuesday (May 9). Any updates will be published in a future edition or online on The Slatonite Facebook page, Slatonite.


(Editor’s note: This story has been updated from the printed May 11 edition to reflect the canvassing date change.)

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