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Grads attend baccalaureate

By Melissa McCaghren

Slatonite GM

Several Slaton High School students, family and friends attended the annual baccalaureate Friday (May 19) at First Baptist Church in Slaton.

Approximately 20 students attended.

Will Perry, associate pastor at First Baptist, gave a welcome and presented a message from Hebrews 12:1-2.

In it, he talked about endurance, mentioning how marathoners run races with it.

He said several in the Bible also learned the value of endurance and faith that came along with it.

Perry encouraged the graduates to set aside any weights that were hobbling their progress in their lives, and set aside the things that stand in their way.

That included good things. “If good things are keeping you away from what is best, if you know a direction and purpose in your life and you see that something is getting in the way of that, if you see something that is keeping you from your walk with God (or) see something that’s keeping you from doing right by others, set it aside so you can do things in that space,” he said.

“True freedom is not found in casting on older streets. You don’t free a fish by taking it out of the water, you free a fish by putting it in the water. When you are doing what you are designed to do what God has made, then you are truly free. Freedom is found in Jesus.”

Several others in the ministry also presented readings from the Bible.

Joseph Fly, pastor at Slaton Methodist Church read from James 2:17-22, while St. Joseph Catholic Church deacon Eric Hybner read from Matthew 22:21, Matthew 22:34-4 and Acts 5:29.

Laredo Shannon, a preaching minister from Hearts Together Church of Christ, gave a reciting of Proverbs 3:1-10.

The graduates also received a blessing from the ministers and others in attendance.

Refreshments were later served inside the Activity Center.

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