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Tiger Train Fitness offers exercise any time of day

By Melissa McCaghren

Slatonite GM

Those who want a workout, but not travel to Lubbock, a local gymnasium is now open for membership.

Tiger Train Fitness, 159 S. 9th St. opened May 11 with a ribbon cutting by the Chamber.

Owners Nicole and Raul Soledad spend several months converting the building into a fitness center, complete with free weights, squat racks, bench presses and tracks, stationary bicycles, and even a place to do yoga.

N. Soledad said they were interested in creating the business because both were active.

“I went to school in college for softball, so I used to be really into fitness and really into shape. I’ve had some kiddos and so I had to get back into it,” she said. “But we moved to this town and were like ‘I really want to be in shape’ and I want to start this next chapter of my life.”

She added she would use an excuse not to work out early on. “Driving to Lubbock was just kind of a bit of a hassle for me and not wanting to go there, so we’re like ‘how about a gym’,” N. Soledad added. “I think this town could really use a gym, especially with weights and training for everybody. I little bit for everyone.”

R. Soledad serves in the Army and fitness is the focus of the military, which also lead to the building of the business. “That’s really why I wanted to offer that,” he said.

Tiger Train Fitness is open all day every day for people who have a membership, but that doesn’t mean anyone can just come in and use the equipment.

“We actually have a key number code to get in, so when you sign up, you’ll pick any four digit number that you’ll remember, that’s maybe your last four social or anything like that,” said N. Soledad. “You type that in and it actually allows you to get in so you have your own access.

“We also have 24 hour surveillance cameras just to make you feel safer.”

In addition to the items already available, R. Soledad said they are also planning to bring in other activities for members.

“We additionally are offering classes coming up later this month,” he said.

For more information, please read the Thursday edition of The Slatonite.

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