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Texas Banana Pudding Festival draws 3,000+

By Melissa McCaghren

Slatonite GM

Large crowds gathered to enjoy four types of banana pudding, music and other activities at the first ever Texas Banana Pudding Festival Saturday (Sept. 2) on the Square.

People who had a “Puddin’ Pass” had the opportunity to taste four puddings: Church Lady Banana Pudding, Whisky Banana Pudding, 5 Star Pudding and Texas Delight.

There were 1,400 passes sold – a complete sell out, and 5,600 servings of pudding made.

These were made with 22,000 cookies, 1,500 bananas, 360 pounds of whip cream and 745 pounds of vanilla and chocolate pudding.

An estimated 3,000 to 4,000 people came out for the inaugural event.

Chad Wilson, who helped  create the event said he was pleased with the turnout, which had people from all over. “We know we had visitors from as far away is Albuquerque N.M., Oklahoma City, and El Paso,” he said.

“We enjoyed seeing everyone so happy.  Especially the ones that wore banana themed outfits. We’re thinking of having banana fashion contest next year,” Wilson added. “A Lubbock radio DJ, Renee Raven of KFMX proposed a ‘Mr. and Mrs Banana’ contest. We’ll also include a Banana Pudding Contest next year to be judged by State and Regional celebrities.”

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