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City to enforce Cemetery rules

From Staff Reports

The City of Slaton is informing the public about an upcoming cemetery cleanup and the start of rule enforcement.

The City of Slaton will start a clean-up of the City Cemetery starting Jan. 1, 2024.

The rules of the cemetery will be followed.

If items that are not supposed to be on markers remain after Jan. 1, the City will remove them as time permits.

Mayor Clif Shaw said this is being done due to concerns about the cemetery’s appearance.

“We have had numerous complaints and this is a way to address it,” he said.

“If you are not sure of the cemetery rules, you can get them at City Hall, the City Website, or come by City Hall and get a copy.”

City Hall is located at 130 S. 9th St.

The City website

The rules are also listed at the gate at the Englewood and the plots by Englunds Funeral Service.

For more information, contact the City Hall at 806-828-2000.

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