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City to enforce cemetery rules for decorations

From Staff Reports

The City of Slaton will start enforcing Cemetery rules starting this month. 

Items such as flowers and other small items can be placed on top of headstones and grave markers only.

Items that do not follow the rules will be removed from the graves over the course of several months as time permits.

The following rules are listed at Englewood Cemetery and its annex:

• Drive on roads only

• Observe 10 miles-per hour speed limit

• Keep flowers and other personal effect in vases on headstones, or in approved containers on headstone base. No glass is allowed.

• Do not pile trash or grass clippings, put in dumpster closest to the location.

• Water only the area intended to be taken care of.

• Pick up all hoses and sprinklers and remove from the Cemetery when through watering

• Cemetery is not responsible for cut or missing hoses, sprinklers, flowers or sundries.

• If any vegetation should, by reason or branches or roots, become detrimental to an adjacent lot, or become unsightly or result in inconvenience to the public, the City will have authority to remove such vegetation.

• No trees, shrubs or 

vegetation of any kind with the exception of Bermuda grass shall be planted by an individual.

• Funeral designs and floral pieces shall be removed form grave sites by the lot owner

or family prior to becoming wilted or unsightly. If such are not removed within forty-eight (48) hours after interment, such will be removed by the City and disposed of without recourse.

Mayor Clif Shaw said in September this is being done due to concerns about the cemetery’s appearance. “We have had numerous complaints and this is a way to address it,” he said. “If you are not sure of the cemetery rules, you can get them at City Hall, the City Website, or come by City Hall and get a copy.”

For more information, visit the City’s website at, or call City Hall at 806-828-2000.

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