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City releases ways to avoid code violations

The City of Slaton Code Enforcement and Police Department is encouraging people to clean their property to avoid fines.

The City posted on its Facebook this past week a list of common code violations that the community can fix before a warning is issued.

The six common issues the City reported seeing are:

• Fences in a deteriorated condition, falling down or not uniform as a whole.

• Items on a porch, yard, under carport or visible from public view that are not intended for outdoor use or resistant to deterioration. 

These include an accumulation of rubbish, trash, refuse, junk and other abandoned materials, metals, lumber and stagnant water.

• Any building with roof, ceiling, floors, walls, sills, windows or foundation, or a combination thereof, rotting, decayed and/or falling apart; or that is unhabitable due to obsolescence (outdated) and deterioration caused by neglect, vandalism, fire damage, old age or elements.

• Grass or weeds in excess of 12 inches to include brush or other vegetation. Such premises include spots adjacent to alleys, parkways between the sidewalk and curb or pavement.

• Junk vehicles in the yard of any residence excluding improved parking surfaces or areas screened from public view by an opaque fence.

• Vehicles must be parked on an improved surface, such as pavement, asphalt, cement, brick, interlocking pavers or other similar material and maintained in such a manner as to provide for  mud-free and dustless surface.

The recycling center is open Saturdays from 8 a.m.-4 p.m.

A full list of the City ordinances can be found on the City website at, quicklink Municipal code.

For information about the recycle center, visit the address above, quicklink recycle center.

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