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Slatonite accepting paranormal story submissions

The entrance to Englewood Cemetery in Slaton circa 1930.

Do you have a story that will raise the hair on the back of the neck? Have you had a paranormal experience that defies explanation? If it happened in Slaton, Ransom Canyon, Lynn County or Garza County, or happened to someone from these areas, you can submit it to be featured in our Halloween edition.

Send us the story by email ( or mail us a letter (P.O. Box 667, Slaton, TX 79364). Please include contact information and make sure any living person you mention is ok with their name being printed (otherwise don’t use any names).

If you want anonymity in your story, that’s ok, too, but we must have contact information for office use.

We’ll take photo submissions, too! Photos of the place or people mentioned are great, or photos with paranormal activity of their own!

Most importantly, don’t wait! We’re accepting stories now, and the sooner you get yours in, the more likely it will be used. The deadline for the Halloween edition is next Tuesday (Oct. 24) at noon, but you can send one any time and we will use it as soon as space allows.

So send in your spectres, give us your ghouls, mail us your monsters, make us believers!

Hey, we aint afraid of no ghost.

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