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UPDATE: The Slatonite Feb. 2 edition

Update: We have picked up the edition, and will be delivering to all stores by the end of day.

Copies of this week’s (Feb. 2) edition are currently at The Slaton Bakery, Slaton Pharmacy and The Slatonite office, 139 S. 9th St.

Mailed copies will be in the post office boxes no later than Monday (Feb. 5).

For those who would like to see the edition now – we have opened up the online edition to the front of the pay wall for the weekend (Feb. 3-5).

This means that anyone can read The Slatonite online at NO cost until Monday morning (Feb. 6).

Again, we encourage folks to still buy a copy at their favorite store and help the businesses there as well, as they too have been affected by the bad weather the past two weeks.


Please also help us out by spreading this information to folks who may not have Internet access so they know they WILL be receiving a paper this week, just delayed.

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Original: Due to freezing conditions here and an ice storm in Lamesa today and predicted for Thursday (Feb. 1-2), this week’s edition of The Slatonite will be out later than normal.

We are – as of this post – planning to receive the papers Friday (Feb. 3), subject to weather.
This will affect mail delivery most, as it could be Monday before papers are received.
As a thank you for your patience and understanding on the delay, we have decided to have the online edition be in front of the paywall Friday.
This will allow anyone to view the paper before the printed edition is out at stands.
While we will have it online early, we encourage folks to still purchase a printed copy and help the businesses that sell the paper, especially during this weather:
Slaton Bakery, Slaton Pharmacy, Accent, Knight’s Inn, BullStop, United, JJ’s Cafe, Classic Mart and Aranda’s.
We thank you for your help and understanding, ensuring both staffs in Lamesa and Slaton are safe.
Melissa McCaghren
General Manager
The Slatonite

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