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1971 little league revisited in #ThrowbackThursday

1971 Slaton Pharmacy-sponsored Angels

by D’Etta Brown

Production Editor

Olivia Magallanes submitted the above photograph of the 1971 minor little league team sponsored by Slaton Pharmacy. The team, which went by the moniker of Angels, put in a strong season. According to the June 17, 1971, edition of The Slatonite – about two-thirds of the way through the season – the team held a 5-4 record. By the end of the season, they had placed second with an 8-6 record, coming in behind the Self Furniture-sponsored team, which held an 11-3 record, according to the July 1, 1971, edition.

The April 22, 1971, edition names the coaches as Doyle Coon (back left) and Raymon Magallanes (back right). A team photo was not printed, but the same edition names the team members as Billy Washington, Gary Taylor, Wendel Rittenberry, Kenneth Cornelius, John Johnson, Alfred Washington, Phillip Slough, Joe Mercer, Greg Johnson, Ronald Nedd, Steve Adams, Glen Culver, and Glen Lopez.

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