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Slaton Cross Country returns Saturday

By Melissa McCaghren

Slatonite GM

The Slaton High School Cross Country teams have waited two weeks to race again due to COVID shutting down the school to virtual learning.

Coach Landon Sims said though it was a learning experience for his team. “The lesson that all of us have learned from this is some things in life you have no control over, however you have to make the most of the circumstances you are given,” he said, adding the team has been working out on their own and sending videos of their workouts.

“We have tried to keep the routine close to normal as possible,” he added

Now, the teams will compete in Lubbock at Mae Simmons Park “(It’s) just an ice breaker from the last couple of weeks. We are also going to run in Roosevelt next Wednesday (Sept. 30), so we should get back into the swing of things pretty fast,” he said.

This Saturday’s race (Sept. 26) at Mae Simmons Park is for runners only.

No spectators will be allowed to watch the race due to COVID restrictions.

This no spectators policy must be followed, as otherwise it will risk all cross country meets canceled for the rest of the year at the facility.

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