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Tennis struggles in home tourney

By Melissa McCaghren

Slatonite GM

The Slaton Tiger Tennis Teams hosted their first home tournament in years Friday (Feb. 25) at the Slaton High School tennis courts.

“I’ve planned a tournament before. We’ve hosted District in the past. The only obstacle I faced was playing on six courts,” said Head Coach Rebecca Castillo. “We had a pretty good crowd come out to support all schools. We will play a triangular match later this month.”

That said, the teams did not compete as well as she hoped, with a second place going to Mykah Lamberson and Jeredan Wallingsford in mixed doubles.

The team will compete this week in the Denver City Invitational. Scores will be reported in next week’s edition.

Castillo said she is working on changes for the team to see who are best paired for the best results. “I’m mixing up a couple of my doubles teams to see how well they do with a different partner,” she said.

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